Summer Night Flyer

Summer Nights Rock Concert

Pedal to the Metal / Rock the Speedway

Dokken , George Lynch , Winger , Firehouse and Jack Russel – Great White
we are excited to have them as the first of many to visit the Plymouth Motor Speedway grounds.
The show will be on July 16th at the Plymouth Motor Speedway & Event Center.
*Lawn chairs will be permitted on the Lawn and Pit area only (Small lawn chairs only)*
–No chairs will be allowed on the aluminum platform–
Ticket will be available on Friday April 15th at 10am
Gates Open 2 P.M.
Show Starts 4 P.M.

Get Tickets

Track [Pit Area]

Standard $80.00 + Service Fee

Aluminum Platform \ Lawn

Standard $60.00  + Service Fee


Standard $40.00  + Service Fee

19 thoughts on “Summer Nights Rock Concert”

  1. i have never been there. is the track/pit going to have seats or standing? What is the aluminum deck? without a chart, its kinda hard to know what to buy.

    1. Friday at 10am that page will open up and you will be able to see the layout. Update: *Lawn chairs will be permitted (Small lawn chairs only)*

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