Free Parking and Overnight Camping

Plymouth Motor Speedway parking is complimentary. We also have ample space for handicap parking. If you do ride your motorcycle to the race track, we have a special area of reserved parking for bikes.

Plymouth Speedway provides FREE camping spaces to watch the races for every Friday race event (No Saturdays). We encourage our campers to use the far east end (off turns 3 & 4) of the parking lot (grassy area) for their campsites. Small fires are allowed as long as they stay contained.

Use the picture to help you find your parking area

Yellow areas are designated for camping
Blue areas are handicap parking
Black areas are free general parking
Red areas are for motorcycles
Green areas are for apparel trailers during big shows
Purple dots are ticket gates 

*Overnight Camping is subject to change.  Please contact us to confirm that overnight camping will be available.