Klotz/Cometic Klash Produces Excitement at Plymouth Speedway

Klotz/Cometic Klash Produces Excitement at Plymouth Speedway

By: Anita Goodan

One of the biggest nights of racing lived up to its hype Saturday night during the Klotz/Cometic Klash at Plymouth Speedway. 

The Thunder Stock class started the night with Mike Roe on the pole, but Sheldon Oberle took the lead early in the race.  Lee Hall had his sights on the top spot after starting fourth.  Hall moved to the second spot by lap 4 and he and Oberle pulled away from third place.  Hall got by Oberle halfway through the race, but a caution bunched up the field.  Oberle (Battleground, Indiana) was able to regain the top spot and stayed there for the rest of the race. Hall (Oxford, Indiana) wound up in the second position followed by a hard-fought third place finish for Brandon Shelhart (Hanna, Indiana).  Shelhart and Roe were trading positions for some of the race, but Shelhart was able to sneak by Roe by lap 13 and remain ahead of Roe to round out the top three. 

“We spent about 30 hours working on this car from last week’s race,” said race-winner Oberle.  “I want to thank everyone who helped me with it.  The surface was a bit choppy, but we got it.  I’d like to dedicate this win to Jacob Wilkerson.” 

The Klotz/Cometic UMP Modifieds race started off with a bang.  Fireworks burst into the sky as cars rolled onto the track for the feature.  Curt Spalding and Bobby Stremme were on the front row for the start of the race, but Frank Marshall ran a high line and found himself battling with Spalding for the top spot by lap 6.  Kenny Wallace found the third spot and watched as Spalding and Marshall continued to race hard up front.  They were trading spots on lap 13 but Marshall stayed out front.  Spalding worked to close the gap with Marshall as the 40-lap feature wound down, but Marshall (Valparaiso, Indiana) came out as the winner with Spalding (Watervliet, Michigan) in second and Wallace (St. Louis, Missouri) in third. 

“How about this race up front?” said Wallace after the race.  “I love racing here at Plymouth Speedway!”

Marshall added, “I thought the race was great and the track was great.  I want to thank all of the veterans for what they do because if it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t be able to do this.  Thank you to everyone at the track.  It’s great for the fans this season.”

The Front Wheel Drive race was packed with action.  Jacob Beard and Josh Gamblin started the final 20-lap feature of the night and it did not take Gamblin long to find himself in the first position.  He got a big lead on the field as Beard held second for a handful of laps and fell in the lineup.  Josh Lank, Jr. passed his way up to second place by lap 6 while Josh Lank followed him up to third place.  Lank Jr. captured the lead from Gamblin on lap 11, but a mistake coming out of turn four on lap 14 found Gamblin back in the lead.  Lank, Jr. worked to catch up to Gamblin, but could not make it happen.  Gamblin (Kokomo, Indiana) was the winner with Lank, Jr. (Delphi, Indiana) in second and Josh Lank in third.

Gamblin commented, “He [Lank, Jr.] caught me sleeping a little bit and we were leaning on each other, but I ran my lines and hit my marks.  Then he made that mistake and I got the lead back.  Thank you to everyone.”

Mark Shook (Schoolcraft, Michigan) won the UMP Modified Non-Qualifier race which closed out racing for the night.  RJ Akers (Portage, Indiana) picked up the second place finish and Nick Richards (Anderson, Indiana) ended up third. 

All four of the regular classes will race on Saturday, May 22.  Races featuring the UMP Modifieds, Thunder Stocks, Non-Wing 600 Sprints, and Front Wheel Drives will begin at 6:30 p.m. ET at the Playground of Power.