Two first time winners in Gunkel and Ruppe Season points races tighten up as several series leaders suffer set backs

By Greg Hildebrand
PLYMOUTH—Only four classes of cars were on the schedule for Saturday but they provided plenty of action for those in attendance.

First feature up were the CSR Winged Sprints. It would take three attempts to get a green flag start as Eli Lakin would start on the pole with Eric Saunders on his outside. Lakin was trying to get a jump on the start to get to the outside groove first but the starter would have none of it. On the third attempt Lakin was still pushing Saunders high but was slow bringing the field to the green. John Gurley in the 3G starting third took advantage of the slow pace and wide-open track to jump out to the lead at the green.

Gurley’s lead was short lived as Saunders and Kyle Gunkel who started in fourth behind him made their way to the front. Gunkel was able to get past Saunders and would stay out front to take his first feature win in a sprint car. Saunders would hold onto second and Lakin recovered to third. 

Lakin is the point leader but Gurley is only 19 points behind and Saunders has closed his gap to 43 points out of first.

The UMP Modifieds took to the clay next and Bradley Jameson was back after a nasty tumble the previous week that left the number 10 modified much shorter than it started. Frank Marshall would start on the pole and would lead every lap to take the win. Early in the event DJ Streeter would slow in the middle of turns 3 and 4 to keep from over rotating. Derek Losh was close behind slowed and the field accordioned with Losh getting hit by Matt Mitchell hard in the left rear. 

Losh and Mitchell would both go the rear of the 16 car field after quick repairs in the hot pit. On the green flag both began making their way forward through the field. Losh had improved about five positions, Mitchell a couple when the yellow came out. This would be repeated a couple times working to Losh and Mitchell’s advantage by not letting Marshall get away. Losh would advance to fourth behind Jameson and battled tough for the position for several laps when Losh’s 21 broke something in the rear end and would retire. Jameson would go on to finish second with Micheal Tarlton in third and Matt Mitchell would recover from the rear of the field to finish just off the podium.

Losh still leads the points race but Marshall’s win and a DNF 14th finish for Losh has closed the points to just 38. 

Fourteen Thunder Stocks would line up in the feature with Wade Clemmons, with a new power plant under the hood, on the pole and Wally Kerst alongside. Austen Hubbard and RJ Akers would start in the 5 and 6 spot and were making their way to the front early. Nate Payton started in fourth and had the same idea when he and Hubbard came together a couple times bringing out the yellow. Both cars went to the rear and had their work cut out for them. RJ Akers would manage to grab the lead not long after the restart and Lee Hall would get second and the hard charger moving up eight spots to finish second from his tenth starting position. Hubbard took advantage of the green flag racing and the sizable cushion to move past most of the field to get back on the podium in third. 

Hall is only 16 points ahead of Akers in the points Shane Sanders being consistently in the top ten at the finish is in third 92 points out and Wade Clemmons is in fourth. 

The final feature of the evening was the 600 non-wing mini sprints with 18 cars taking the green flag. Jacob Ruppe, one of the youngest drivers, would start on the pole with Bruce Clay, one of the most seasoned drivers, alongside. Ruppe would lead Clay throughout the event with several yellow flags. Clay would be close enough to take advantage of any misstep by Ruppe. Ruppe didn’t make any mistakes and held on to win his first feature race. Carson Hocevar of Portage, Mich. started fourth, finished third. Hocevar had raced earlier in the week in the NASCAR Gander Truck race at Eldora Speedway. 

The points race in the 600s also tightened up as the leader Chad Hartzell would take a DNF 17 finish after Nick Schaefer would get spun and up on two wheels and came down on the 57 of Hartzell. Cody Williams with a 5th place finish would move to 41 points out in second and Ed Cleveland is 49 points out of first in third.

This Saturday the 600s will take a break but the Super Streets bring their tight racing back to the Playground of Power with all race fans 12 and under free. Adults are just $13 and the gates open at 4 p.m., hot laps at 6 p.m. and the first green flag will drop at 7 p.m. 

Aug. 17 the Ollies Bargain Outlet All Star Circuit of Champions featuring Tony Stewart makes their return to the speedway. The series is currently being lead by none other than Aaron Reutzel with Dale Blaney close in second. Tony Stewart won only his second race of the season the last time the series took to the track with Rico Abreu and Christopher Bell in 2nd and 3rd. 

Make plans to attend this event and see some of the best drivers on dirt go wheel to wheel at the Plymouth Speedway. Adult tickets are only $25 to see these all stars, kids six to 12 are $12 and five and under are free. The gates will open at the usual time of 4 p.m. and a pit pass is only $35. Hot laps will get underway at 6 p.m. and racing starts at 7 p.m. 
8/3/2019 at Plymouth Speedway

600cc Non Winged Micros
A Feature 1: 1. 12-Jacob Ruppe, [1]; 2. 4-Bruce Clay, [2]; 3. 14-Carson Hocevar, [4]; 4. 11H-Abby Hohlbein, [7]; 5. 26-Cody Williams, [9]; 6. 21-Brenton Lamb, [8]; 7. 38-Billy Briscoe, [15]; 8. 23H-Kevin Hapner, [13]; 9. 45-Ed Cleveland, [10]; 10. 99-Zachary Clark, [16]; 11. 29-Kayla Cleveland, [18]; 12. 17-Shawn Bone, [17]; 13. 51-Jason ormsby, [14]; 14. 69-Blake Lamb, [5]; 15. 89-Doug Nichols, [12]; 16. 6-Nick Schaefer, [3]; 17. 57-Chad Hartzell, [6]; 18. 16-Bobby Blount, [11]

Heat 1: 1. 14-Carson Hocevar, [2]; 2. 69-Blake Lamb, [5]; 3. 11H-Abby Hohlbein, [4]; 4. 45-Ed Cleveland, [6]; 5. 23H-Kevin Hapner, [7]; 6. 99-Zachary Clark, [3]; 7. 18-Maddy Kinzer, [1]

Heat 2: 1. 4-Bruce Clay, [2]; 2. 12-Jacob Ruppe, [6]; 3. 21-Brenton Lamb, [3]; 4. 16-Bobby Blount, [1]; 5. 51-Jason ormsby, [4]; 6. 17-Shawn Bone, [5]

Heat 3: 1. 6-Nick Schaefer, [2]; 2. 57-Chad Hartzell, [3]; 3. 26-Cody Williams, [6]; 4. 89-Doug Nichols, [1]; 5. 38-Billy Briscoe, [5]; 6. 29-Kayla Cleveland, [4]

Street Stocks

A Feature 1: 1. 14-RJ Akers, [6]; 2. 90-Lee Hall, [10]; 3. 114-Austen Hubbard, [5]; 4. 21K-Jacob Kolwyck, [7]; 5. 48C-Wade Clemmons, [1]; 6. 89-Jason Fritz, [3]; 7. 98-Lee Joseph Hall, [9]; 8. 35-Danny Dykhuizen, [16]; 9. 9-Nate Payton, [4]; 10. 15-TJ Larson, [8]; 11. 65-Wally Kerst, [2]; 12. 3-Shane Sanders, [17]; 13. 54-Adam Boord, [13]; 14. 01-Tim Grall, [15]

Heat 1: 1. 14-RJ Akers, [1]; 2. 114-Austen Hubbard, [3]; 3. 21K-Jacob Kolwyck, [2]; 4. 90-Lee Hall, [5]; 5. 54-Adam Boord, [6]; 6. 35-Danny Dykhuizen, [4]

Heat 2: 1. 89-Jason Fritz, [4]; 2. 65-Wally Kerst, [3]; 3. 15-TJ Larson, [1]; 4. G14-Greg Marlow, [6]; 5. 78-Clint Bell, [2]; 6. 3-Shane Sanders, [5]

Heat 3: 1. 9-Nate Payton, [1]; 2. 48C-Wade Clemmons, [4]; 3. 98-Lee Joseph Hall, [5]; 4. 10-Michael Roe, [2]; 5. 01-Tim Grall, [6]; 6. 28-Craig Anstead, [3]

UMP Modifieds

A Feature 1: 1. 28M-Frank Marshall, [1]; 2. 10-Bradley Jameson, [8]; 3. 17T-Michael Tarlton, [6]; 4. 2M-Matt Mitchell, [3]; 5. 0-Garrett Jameson, [11]; 6. 11H-Mike Hohlbein, [12]; 7. 08-DJ Streeter, [4]; 8. 14-Mark Shook, [7]; 9. J7-Joey Iliff, [9]; 10. 5H-Joshua Hotsinpiller, [10]; 11. 13-Nathan Krengle, [15]; 12. 25M-Brian Mcfeeters, [13]; 13. 51-Brandon DeLong, [14]; 14. 21-Derek Losh, [5]; 15. 00-Cameron Head, [2]; 16. 24M-Mike Miller, [16]

Heat 1: 1. 21-Derek Losh, [4]; 2. 08-DJ Streeter, [1]; 3. 14-Mark Shook, [2]; 4. 5H-Joshua Hotsinpiller, [3]; 5. 25M-Brian Mcfeeters, [6]; 6. 24M-Mike Miller, [5]

Heat 2: 1. 28M-Frank Marshall, [4]; 2. 00-Cameron Head, [1]; 3. 10-Bradley Jameson, [3]; 4. 0-Garrett Jameson, [2]; 5. 51-Brandon DeLong, [5]

Heat 3: 1. 2M-Matt Mitchell, [1]; 2. 17T-Michael Tarlton, [3]; 3. J7-Joey Iliff, [4]; 4. 11H-Mike Hohlbein, [2]; 5. 13-Nathan Krengle, [5]

Winged Crate Sprints

A Feature 1: 1. 75-Kyle Gunkel, [4]; 2. 349-Eric Saunders, [2]; 3. 70-Eli Lakin, [1]; 4. 3G-John Gurley, [3]; 5. 0-Keith Ousley, [6]; 6. 48-Scott Hull, [5]
Heat 1: 1. 349-Eric Saunders, 01:06.873[2]; 2. 75-Kyle Gunkel, 01:10.293[3]; 3. 3G-John Gurley, 01:26.020[4]; 4. 48-Scott Hull, 01:15.165[5]; 5. 70-Eli Lakin, 01:06.873[6]; 6. 0-Keith Ousley, 01:06.873[1]