2023 200 Enduro Rules

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All cars will begin at the same time and the first car to complete 200 laps will be the winner. There will be a mandatory 15-minute break at the halfway point of the race. Pit stops are allowed but they will be made under green flag racing only. Meaning you will be docked 2 laps if pitting under red. There will be no yellow flags; red and green flags only.

Entry Fee / Pit Pass:

Enduro entry fee: $20 if pre-entry is received by March 1, 2023
The registration fee will go towards the Drivers Purse
Enduro entry fee on race Day is $40
Pit Pass $40
Transponder scoring
Transponders supplied by track with driver’s license or picture ID
(Transponder case HIGHLY recommended)
The driver is responsible for any damages or lost transponder


Click Image to Download Enduro Registration Form

1) All drivers under the age of 18 must have a signed minor’s release form requiring a parent or guardian signature. This release and the registration form will be posted on Plymouth Motor Speedway’s website.

2) Race monitor will be used for scoring.

3) A mandatory drivers meeting will be held in the pits by the pit tower before the race begins. All cars will roll through tech before the race and be impounded. Have your safety gear in the car. Rules violations may be subject to lap penalties and will be parked in the infield until the laps have been run that dictate the amount of penalty laps they have received. Top 3 cars will be teched after the race.

4) All cars will be lined up first come first serve. Preregistered cars and beauty contest cars will be lined up first then all non-pre-registered cars will line up after on a first come first serve basis.

5) The race will be started with 3 wide for 100 cars or less. 100 + cars will be lined up 4 wide.

6) Drivers will hold their position until green flag is displayed.

7) The yellow flag will not be used. If there are cars with breakdowns or cars in accidents, the other cars will avoid them while continuing to race. Jam cars will be used to remove disabled cars.

8) The red flag will be displayed if there is a fire, rollover, or the track is blocked. All cars must stop immediately and if you try to gain position under red you will be penalized laps. There will be no assistance from pit crews who are not allowed on the track at any time. The race will be restarted with the cars in the same position as before the red flag after a 10 second count down from the announcer and fans.

9) If your car is black flagged for any reason you must exit the track immediately

10) Unless a hazard exists, the driver may not get out of his/her car on the racing surface or in the infield.

11) In the event your car becomes inoperable, try to get off the track. If you stall you will be removed from the track as soon as possible.


13) Cars will be allowed to enter pits for repair or servicing during green flag racing only. Pit stops/ fueling is allowed in designated areas. Re-entry to race surface will be allowed as the track officials indicate. There will be a mandatory halfway break where all cars will be directed off the track cars are expected to be back in line and will be lined back up 3 wide on track surface once halfway break is over.

14) Pit stops in the pit area must be done in an orderly fashion.

15) The first car to complete 200 laps is the winner after passing tech. (TOP 3 CARS WILL BE TECHED)


1) All 3- and 4-cylinder front wheel drive cars, FWD mini vans and crossover. NO convertibles, turbo. Super charged or AWD vehicles

2) Stock body and suspension. Cars must be strictly stock with NO modification.

2A) 1-inch camber on right front only. All other wheels zero camber. Camber will be measured with a T-square.

3) No turbo (or super chargers) allowed. One stock carburetor (2 or 4 barrel) or fuel injection only. K&N cone type air filters allowed with stock air tube intake. After market headers will be penalized.

4) Stock motor and transmission for that make and model with no alterations.

5) Radiator and core support may also be repaired/replace using tubing and square stock. NO tying into strut towers. NO all-aluminum aftermarket radiators. NO ANTIFREEZE.

6) No chopping, channeling, bracing or shortening of frame allowed. Full steel body must remain original and intact. No rub rails or sharp objects on outside of body.

7) Radial tires only. Wheel sizes 13”-16”. Tire width 165-225 and 55-75 series allowed. Stock steel or aluminum rims only. Rims must fit on hub with no modifications. No grinding or torching out centers to fit. Must run all same size wheels but can mix tire sizes. Stock Lugnut’s to fit stock rims. Hubcaps must be removed. NO offsets or for racing wheels allowed.

8) Battery needs to be securely fastened and covered. Can be relocated but must be in battery box.

9) Hoods and decks must have original hinges or pins/chains keeping them in place. NO bolts or wires.

10) Stock steel floor pan, firewalls and wheel wells must be retained. All glass (except windshield), sunroofs and outside mirrors removed. Lexan windshield is allowed. All broken glass must be removed from vehicle. No sharp edges and broken glass from glued in windows, this must be covered with tape. All other glass and trim must be removed including headlights, taillights and all mirror assemblies. No broken glass allowed in car. Sunroof opening must be covered. 1 mirror allowed, can be stock rearview or 4” round mirror that must be in driver’s compartment.

11) Steering wheel, steering column and pedals in stock position.

12) Interior must be completely gutted except dash and front seat. All carpet, upholstery, loose interior parts and insulation to be removed. Holes in firewall and floor should be covered. Remove all airbags.

13) Stock seats allowed but racing seat highly recommended. Racing harness required.

14) All doors must be welded, chained or bolted shut. If driver’s door comes open car will be disqualified.

15) Bumpers must be chained or reinforced to frame to keep it from dropping onto the track. Bumpers must be solid and intact and may be repaired. No sharp edged, excessive bracing or cow catchers allowed.

1) Fire suit and neck brace recommended. GLOVES required. If not wearing a fire suit, cotton long-sleeved protection is required. No nylon clothing or nylon shoes allowed.

2) Approved full racing helmet required (SA/SNELL/DOT)

3) Race seat allowed with racing harness or stock seat with racing harness. Racing harness must be in good operating condition.

4) Window nets are required with latch or push-button release. NO ZIP TIES.

5) Roll bar recommended with minimal (1-½” tubing) single hoop from floor to ceiling and a forward kick across driver’s door. Must be welded or bolted in. If you do not have a cage with driver’s door bars or kicker from hoop a steel plate welded or bolted to the driver’s door is required. Door plate cannot exceed the driver’s door by more than 6”.

6) Driver’s compartment bracing must remain inside driver’s compartment and may not pass thru firewall.

7) Extra bracing maybe installed as a safety feature only and may not reinforce the body or frame or alter geometry of the car. Roll bar installation is subject to inspection and will be closely scrutinized.

8) Gas tanks located above or in front of rear axle do not have to be relocated. All others must be replaced with a fuel cell (maximum 12 gallons). Fuel cell must be secured and located in the front of trunk. The fuel line must exit from the top or side of cell. A complete firewall must seal the trunk area from the drivers compartment if the fuel cell is placed in the trunk. NO gas lines in driver’s compartment.

1) Mascots, decorating cars, advertising nicknames, cartoons, ect. Are encouraged. Mascots and decorations must be secured to not fall off on track while racing.

2) No suggestive language, symbols or numbers allowed on car. Anything on the car in bad taste will mean disqualification.

3) Your car number should be painted or stickered on both sides of the car in contrasting colors at least 18” tall and 5” wide. Must be legible

4) No 2-way or 1-way radios or cell phones may be used by driver or pit crew during race.

5) You will have 24 hours to remove your car from Plymouth Motor Speedway property. If leaving car, please leave title with someone in Pit shack. After 24 hours all cars left on property will be removed.

Plymouth Motor Speedway reserves the right to change, delete or add to rules throughout the racing season. The management reserves the right of interpretation of all rules and the right to inspect and reject any car and/or driver, crew member, etc. during the racing program.


Payout Based on 99 or Fewer Cars

1st $2000

2nd $1000

3rd $500

4th $300

5th $200

6th $175

7th $150

8th $125

9th $100

10th $100

11th $100

12th $100

13th thru 20th $50

Payout based on 100 to 149 cars

1st $4000

2nd $1000

3rd $750

4th $500

5th $300

6th $250

7th $200

8th $175

9th $150

10th $125

11th thru 20th $100

Payout based on 150+ cars

1st $6000

2nd $3000

3rd $1000

4th $750

5th $500

6th $400

7th $300

8th $275

9th $250

10th $225

11th $200

12th $175

13th $150

14th $125

15th thru 20th $100